Why should you custom brand your client gifts?

Custom branding is a great way to get your name out there in front of more people. 

Let take a closer look at why. 

Increase Brand Recognition

By giving gifts to your clients that include your logo and colours, you are getting your name out there in front of more people.

Really great gifts will be talked about and shown around to your client’s friends and family members.

If you’re lucky, you may even get a photo of your gift shared on your client’s social media page, which will be seen by potentially hundreds of their friends across multiple platforms.

Having your company and your name shared in such a positive light, does wonders for you and your brand.

If you keep up with the consistency, before you know it, more and more people around Perth will have heard of you and your reputation for being thoughtful and professional will spread far and wide.


Cost Effective Marketing

Giving your valued clients a gift at the end of a transaction, is an easy, cost-effective way of advertising for your company.

It works out to be a much smarter, long-term investment to spend the money on treating your current clients than to spend big on google ads or the like, for potential leads.

If you can do both – even better!


Increase your referrals & bring in more business

By giving a gift to your clients at the close of your business dealings:

  • They will be thrilled, are much more likely to remember you next time they (or someone they know) needs to use your type of services and will remember the beautiful gift they received.
  • They will recommend your services and use you again and again for themselves.

If you don't brand your boxes, you're missing a huge opportunity to get your name out there in front of more people.


Create a professional company image

By giving your clients a beautifully presented, custom branded gift, you will be perceived as being thoughtful, organised and professional.

This perception will apply to you personally and to your company.

If you stay consistent with your gifting efforts, this reputation and perception will spread amongst the community which means more repeat and referral business coming your way.

Keep up you’re gifting to see amazing long-term results!


We have some wonderful pre-curated corporate gifts to get you started with your clients. Have a look at them here.

Contact us to discuss our custom branded gift options.

We’d love to work with you to create the perfect assortment of gifts for your own clients.

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